Storm Mountain Bridge Repair damaged by heavy flooding


Helping to maintain recreation sites.

The bridge is located in Storm Mountain Picnic area and is used mainly as a footbridge going over Big Cottonwood Creek from one area of the picnic site to another. Small trucks and ATVs sometime use the bridge for maintenance work in the picnic site. Over the years, heavy run-off has moved many of the rocks away from the banks and into the creek. During flood conditions in 2005, large rocks next to the bridge were washed away. Water is beginning to eddy in these exposed spots and will soon start pulling material away from the bridge abutments. The laminate beams on the bridge are starting to pull apart, the railing is starting to rot and become lose and the material on each approach under the wings is eroding.

Through funding raised by the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, we will be paying for work supervised by the Salt Lake Ranger District to repair and rehabilitated this bridge, maintaining access to over half of the Storm Mountain site!